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Daniel C. Loney

Daniel C. Loney - President
Langley, BC

Office: 604 534-6003
Cell: 604 644-2575

E-mail: Dan@LoneyFinancial.com

Daniel C. Loney, President of Loney Financial, has been featured in Advisors Magazine, various newspapers and other media including radio and internet. He serves as an advisor to legal and accounting firms in the area of personal financial expertise.

Dan is an international speaker on finance and the author and creator of the Joseph Principle: "ancient wisdom for a modern world."

Dan is a Graduate from the Arrow School of Leadership and sits on the Advisory Council for Manulife Bank Canada and is also on the board of directors for Focus on the Family Canada and a project director of Guatemala for Awana International. Dan is also a past Vice President of Langley Community Services Society.

Dan’s expertise instructs his clients on how to protect investments from market losses and guaranteed income for life.

Daniel J. Loney

Daniel J. Loney - Advisor
Langley, BC

Office: 604 534-6003
Cell: 604 340-9123

E-mail: Daniel.J@LoneyFinancial.com

Daniel J. Loney is directly involved with Loney Financial as an advisor of disability insurance planning, financial analysis, income protection and wealth accumulation. As an advisor with the Langley office, Daniel advises many clients who are looking to reduce their risks and set financial goals for success.

"My personal philosophy is anything worth doing is worth doing well. We would all like to save money, protect our assets, assure our future and ensure the quality of life for our loved ones but for most people knowing how to achieve all of these goals is a daunting task. My own personal view is to start simple, begin with what matters to you and always use the correct and most efficient tools."

Daniel C. Loney

Garry Pohl - Advisor
Lower Mainland, BC

Office: 604 534-6003
Cell: 604 854-0730

E-mail: Garry.Pohl@LoneyFinancial.com

Garry Pohl has 15 years experience as a financial advisor. His clients are mainly business owners and those planning for retirement, but he is also very familiar with group benefit plans and family financial analysis and protection.

He serves clients throughout the Lower Mainland area and resides in Chilliwack.


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