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Due diligence meetings in Toronto

I just returned from 2 days of meetings in Toronto where I met with financial analysts and fund managers. Over the past 6 months markets and fund returns have been tracking as we expected. I met with bond manager Terry Carr who is managing over $35 Billion in bonds and has a return of over 10% in the past 12 months.

These meetings allowed us to discuss current market forecasts, touching on expectations in the U.S. and Canadian economy. Terry commented “These are dangerous times” but like Charles Dickins wrote in a Tale of Two Cities “ It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.  It seems that we are not in the worst of times at the moment but we always have to be prepared for the worst.

Wisdom dictates that we need to “Plan for the worst and hope something better happens!”. I will be unpacking my discussions and research in upcoming blog posts, stay tuned.

Economic Summit West Palm Beach

I just attended the Irrational Economic Conference in West Palm Beach Florida. The conference included the world renowned economist Harry Dent and also Dr. Lacy Hunt who was formerly of the US Fed and is in charge of over $5 billion in pension money. The speakers laid out the dangers and opportunities coming in 2017 for the financial world.

Dan Loney presented with the 2016 IDC Worldsource Humanitarian Award

Ron Madzia is the president of IDC Worldsource and presented Dan with the 2016 IDC Worldsource Humanitarian Award. This presentation was made in Toronto at the National Awards Banquet. It was based on the efforts of Loney Financial working with children in Guatemala and advocacy for orphaned children in Canada.

Dan meets with Terry Carr of Manulife Investment

Dan recently met with Terry Carr who manages $35 Billion for Manulife Investment clients. During lunch they discussed the current bond market and the opportunity that lies ahead in the corporate bond market. Also other topics like liquidity in the bond markets past and present and where opportunity for the bond market will be in the future.

Bonds outperform Stocks for the first time in a 30 year window.

Here is a picture of Dan Loney meeting with one of our top money managers, Collin Gordon of Vantage Point Investment Management Inc. in Calgary. Collin and Dan work together in managing accounts for organizations to custom design investment portfolios that suit the client's particular needs. In some situations, a portfolio must designed to comply with directions from the board of directors of an organization or managing capital for large building projects with short term needs.

This was a successful meeting, as short term results came in at over 6% for the year with a bond and cash portfolio.

Dan Loney appointed to Manulife Bank Advisory Council
  This past week Dan was appointed to the Manulife Bank Advisory Council, meeting with Doug Conick president and chief executive and top bank executives in Toronto.

The purpose of the council is to provide feedback to Manulife Bank on how they can best serve their clients.

Manulife Bank is committed to a better way of banking for Canadians and has led the way with ground breaking products like Manuone.


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