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Solutions Magazine: Winter Edition 2015/16
  WHAT'S YOUR MOTIVATION? Stories to inspire, strategies to help you achieve your goals.

TAKE CHARGE OF SAVINGS IN YOUR 40S: There's no time like the present to get serious about finances.

SOUTHERN EXPOSURE: Consider these factors before buying a US property.

MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR RRSP: Tap into your RRSP's full potential with these six tips.

A PENNY SAVED... When it comes to squirrelling away money, a little strategy can go a long way.

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Solutions Magazine: Fall Edition 2015
Taking control of your future starts with a plan.

TALKING ABOUT MONEY Ready to retire? Ask your advisor these 9 questions. As you get ready to stop working, your advisor can help make sure you're financially prepared.

SMALL BUSINESS Your business is thriving - what's next? Strategies to help support growth and continued success.

TAX CORNER Passing it on Proper planning can help ensure your wealth transfer is carried out as intended.

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Solutions Magazine: Fall Edition 2012
  Plan now for the retirement you've always hoped for.

This edition focuses on the importance of creating a plan for sustainable income in retirement, a solid debt strategy and an up-to-date estate plan. I would like to say congratulations to the winners from the Solut!ons Retirement contest and thanks for sharing your stories of how you are making the most of your retirement.

In this issue don't miss the Financial Planning 101 article, Life after work, which explores how a newly retired couple can organize their sources of retirement income and cover essential expenses while preserving access to savings when needed. In Keeping up with the times, see how you can achieve potentially higher levels of investment income from well-diversified mutual funds that invest across a range of income-oriented asset classes. Finally, if you're retiring soon and have higher levels of debt than you expected, please read Are you in your 50s and carrying debt? for ideas to get out of debt sooner.

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Maturity Matters: On Death and Dying
  This month in our Maturity Matters newsletter, there is a wonderful but sobering article written by Johanna Booy. We often tend to want to avoid even the subject about death but that does not mean it will go away or not touch the lives of those we love. I once heard a man say that life is fair, one life and one death for everybody. When it is your turn to support a loved one at the end of their journey of life, you might find Johanna's comments interesting and helpful.

Don't miss "Last Respects" - it may make you laugh and think about living life to the fullest.

I hope and trust your summer was great and life is now getting back to normal.

Kind regards, Dan

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Maturity Matters: Family Dynamics and Caregiving
  This Maturity Matters newsletter is well worth reading if you have elderly parents or if you are going to be responsible as a care giver for a senior.

I was reminded, while visiting my aunt this weekend in Victoria, how important these matters are. She is soon 80 and taking care of her husband of 50 years who has Parkinson's disease. What I have learned from my eldercare studies is that this caregiver role is often too much for the elderly spouse. There is also guilt on the caregiver of having the sick spouse go to a care facility. Often, unfortunately ,we see the demise of the caregiver due to heart attack or stroke because the work is just too hard for them - everyone is focused on the spouse who is not well. The Family Dynamics and Caregiving article is a great place to start to think about these issues.

If you have questions relating to this or any other matter, feel free to contact me.

Kind regards, Dan

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